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Seamaster 815 seagoin yachtLOA: 26' 8" .5 BerthsThis ia a very well cared for & presented 5 berth Seagoing yacht with a 5 year old diesel & an extensive cruising inventory.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 7,950
"Great Dane"
Great Dane class 29ft sblue water yachtLOA: 28' 9" .5 BerthsThis seagoing yacht has been kept to the highest standard by our client, the modern diesel has recently been fully overhauled[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 7,950
"Sea Mist"
Ex naval Survey Craft No 43464LOA: 27' 0" .4 BerthsThis sturdily built craft has been tastefully converted for family pleasure cruising & has all the usual equipment.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 6,500
Itchen Ferry long keel 4 berth yachtLOA: 22' 3" .4 BerthsThese sturdy & beamy yachts are based on the classic Itchen Ferry fishing smack. She has a modern diesel & very good inventory.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 1,950
Minstrel 685 4 berth lifting keel yachtLOA: 22' 6" .4 BerthsThis is a quality buuilt yacht with an inboard diesel & 4 berths with a stern cabin & centre cockpit wheel steering.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 1,950
Flying 15 racing dinghyLOA: 20' 0" .0 BerthsA good example of these well known racing yachts with one suit of sails, fitted cover & a custom trailer ready to race.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 1,495
"Solar Wind"
Achilles 24 4 berth sailing cruiserLOA: 24' 0" .4 BerthsThese are well known seagoing family friendly yachts with a good performance. She comes fully rigged & with various equipment.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 995
"Kanye West"
Mirror Offshore 2 berth motor sai;lerLOA: 19' 0" .2 BerthsThese are well known stable & spacious boats. This one is all in good order & has all her rig, a Volvo diesel & road trailer.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 995
Leisure 17 4 berth bilge keelerLOA: 17' 0" .4 BerthsA VERY cheap Leisure 17 4b berth family sailing cruiser with nicely fitted interior & all the usual cruising inventory[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 950
"Brand new 10ft dinghy"
New 10ft fishing / tender / fun dinghyLOA: 10' 0" .0 BerthsVery nicely built 10ft GRP dinghies with hardwood trim, lots of built-in-bouyancy, rowlocks & pad for an outboard.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 695
Honwave 320 multi-purpose inflatableLOA: 11' 0" .0 BerthsA versatile craft with inflatable floor / keel, pump, oars, safety ropes, seat etc. All ok & ready to go.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 595
"New 8ft tenders"
Brand new 8ft GRP tenderLOA: 8' 0" .0 BerthsWe have found a local manufacturer of quality 8ft tender dinghies at a very sensible price. Fitted out with hardwood.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 550
17ft pleasure / fishing cruiserLOA: 17' 0" .0 BerthsShe has a nice shaped GRP hull with a very large open cockpit She needs fitting out a bit & some cosmetic work hence the price[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 295
14ft speed / fun boatLOA: 14' 0" .0 BerthsShe has padded seating, steering wheel & cables & a control box for engines up to about 50hp. Complete with a nice trailer.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 295