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19 Sailing Dinghies & Day Boats For Sale

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17ft GRP day boatLOA: 17' 0" .0 BerthsA very attractive day boat with a bermudan rig, canvas spray dodger, overall cover, Mariner engine & a custom road trailer.[ Further Details ]
£ 2,950
"Laser 2000"
LOA: 14' 0" .0 BerthsA top of the range Laser 2000 built 2005 with all her go faster rig, fitted cover & a galvanised trailer / trolly combo.
Falmouth Bass Boat 16ft Cutter day boatLOA: 16' 0" .0 BerthsA good example of these very popular day boats with all her cutter rig & a very nice road trailer. Ideal for our local waters.
Drascombe lugger dayboatLOA: 18' 6" .0 BerthsOne of the early Luggers with the original rig fitted cockpit cover, pump, oars etc. a a nice refurbished trailer.
17ft gunter rigged day boatLOA: 17' 0" .0 BerthsAn attractive &unusual gunter rigged day boat all in very nice condition & with a custom trailer, fitted pump & lots of buoyancy[ Further Details ]
£ 1,950
"Wanderer class sailing dinghy"
Wanderer dinghy designed by Ian ProcterLOA: 14' 0" .0 BerthsAn absolutely immaculate Wanderer dinght with an "as new" trailer / trolly combi, fitted cover & lots of buoyancy.[ Further Details ]
Cheap Boat at£ 1,495
"Scatterling 11"
Wayfarer 16ft sailing dinghyLOA: 16' 0" .0 BerthsA very nice example of these popular family dinghies with a trailer / trolly combo, fitted cover, bilge pump AND a boom tent.
Topper Spice performance dinghyLOA: 13' 6" .0 BerthsA really nice example of these fast & furious dinghies with trailer / trolly combo, 2 covers & all the racing gear.[ Further Details ]
£ 950
Twinkle 12 classic clinker day boatLOA: 12' 0" .0 BerthsOne of the much loved Twinkle 12ft clinker day boats with a good trailer, fitted cover, anchor etc & a Bermudan rig.
Wayfarar class sailing dinghyLOA: 16' 0" .0 BerthsOne of the ever popular Wayfarer family dinghies with a fitted mast up cover, all her rig & a launching trolly.[ Further Details ]
£ 795
Merlin rocket classic varnished sailing dinghyLOA: 14' 0" .0 BerthsA VERY nice example of these fast classic dinghies with a fitted cover, buoyancy bags, lots of sails & a launching trolly.[ Further Details ]
£ 795
11ft lug rigged dinghyLOA: 11' 0" .0 BerthsAn attractive 11ft multi-purpose dinghy with a lug rig & a trailer / trolly combi. All in A1 order.can be rowed & outboarded[ Further Details ]
£ 695
Enterprise class dinghyLOA: 13' 0" .0 BerthsA nice example of these very popular family dinghies with a trolly & all her rig. She wi;ll give a good steady performance.[ Further Details ]
£ 650
"R S Tera"
R S Tera fast dinghyLOA: 10' 0" .0 BerthsA clean & tidy example of these fast maintenance free dinghies with all her rig & a trolly. Ready to go.[ Further Details ]
£ 495
"Streaks ahead"
Laser MK ! fast sailing dinghyAnother of these very popular fast fun dinghies with all her rig, a fitted cover & a launching trolly. All in nice order.[ Further Details ]
£ 495
Cadet class sailing dinghyLOA: 10' 0" .0 BerthsA pretty Cadet sailing dinghy with all her original rig, fitted cover, trolly etc. great fun for kids & adults alike
Topper class fast dinghyLOA: 11' 0" .0 BerthsFast, fun maintenance free single handed dinghy all Ok & with a trolly. Very cheap fast fun at this givaway price ![ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 295
Pacer class fast dinghyLOA: 13' 0" .0 BerthsA fast fun dinghy all in good order & with all her rig, sails & a trolly. Ready to go for the price of a rowing dinghy ![ Further Details ]
£ 295
Hornet class fast sailing dinghyLOA: 16' 0" .0 BerthsOne of the fast & furious Hornets with all her racing rig & fitted cover & a trolly. Fast, fun for less than £200 !![ Further Details ]
£ 195