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10 Fishing Boats For Sale

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Pioneer Multi -  (Sold)
"Pioneer Multi"
Pioneer Multi purpose work / rescue / fast fishing boatLOA: 17' 4" .0 BerthsThis is a very useful bit of kit. The bow drops down to form a landing / loading ramp, there is a 60hp engine & a trailer.
Seastrike -  (Sold)
Seastrike ex-naval personnel carrier / landing craftLOA: 15' 6" .0 BerthsThis is a nice bit of kit. Ex-naval landing craft wit loads of space, custom trailer & a PTT electric start Mariner.
Roselda -  (Sold)
Colvic 20ft fishing / pleasure cruiserLOA: 20' 0" .2 BerthsThis sturdy seagoing boat has been very well cared for & has had much work done & new equipment in 2020 & is ready to go.
Pelican -  (Sold)
Dell Quay Fisher 17LOA: 17' 0" .0 BerthsA very sturdily built fishing or pleasure boat with a 4 wheel trailer, inboard diesel & various equipment.
 -  (Sold)
Colvic 21 Fishing / pleasure cruiserLOA: 21' 0" .2 BerthsThese are really well built, safe & stable seagiong boats. This one has a Nanni 3cyl diesel & lots of gear,
Seahorse -  (Sold)
Wilson Flyer fast fishing / sports / work boatLOA: 19' 0" .0 BerthsA smart very fast stable cathedral hulled fishing / work / fun boat with a small cuddy & large cockpit.
Traverne -  (Sold)
27ft steel fishing / work/pleasure boatLOA: 27' 0" .0 BerthsTHis is a really solidly built seagoing boat with a big Ford diesel, VHF radio, compass, fish / depth finder, radar etc.
Scottie -  (Sold)
Ex-ships lifeboatLOA: 20' 0" .0 BerthsA very safe, beamy & spacious multi use open boat with a good road trailer. see full details below.
Skiffy -  (Sold)
17ft open fishing or pleasure launchLOA: 17' 0" .0 BerthsA very spacious & stable open launch with a good trailer, Honda 5hp with remotes to the wheel steering & various gear.
Typical view of our main riverside yard - Over 60 boats of all types  for sale in our main riverside yard all with descriptions & prices
"Typical view of our main riverside yard"
Over 60 boats of all types for sale in our main riverside yard all with descriptions & prices[ Further Details ]