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13 Chandlery For Sale

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"Honda generator"
All in good running order & with hand book. Cost over £700 a few years ago.
£ 395
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A set of 6 brass opening portholes all OK
£ 225
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"New Flojet pump"
These cost over £200 nowadays !
"Complete sailing rig for dinghy"
A complete gunter type rig for a dinghy up to about 13ft WITH sails.
Very nice stainless electric 2 burner & alcohol 2 burner stove
£ 95
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"Danforth Anchor, rope & chain"
A big heavy anchor, rope & chain all 'as new' & ready to chuck over the side ! Suitable for most boats up to about 24ft
"Garmin GPS 72"
"Ships spoked wheel"
New varnished & brass wheel 18inches across by 1in spline
£ 60
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"New track spotter"
New & unused.
"A typical view inside our aladdins cave"
Some of the gear in our "Aladdins cave" of used chandlery to rummage through
"Selection of props"
We keep a good selection of used props both for inboards & outboards from about £10
"A selection of compasses, & brassy fittings"
An example of the many compasses, dials & brass fittings to browse through all at very low prices
We have loads of used sails of various sizes & types at VERY low prices - we may have what you are looking for !